Completing my first Tough Mudder 10K, raising money for charity Rethink Mental Illness

What an earth is that? What do you even do? Do you run at it? Surely if you run at it and pull, it will kind of lean forward and you climb over… nope, no that doesn’t move.

I hoisted my legs on to the perpendicular rope holding the 90 degree 8ft tall wooden wall in it’s place. Pulling myself up to hold on to the top, I felt myself dangling down, legs being unable to grip onto a ledge or edge, body just flopped on the side of this wooden wall. Fuck.

Not only had I decided to do this event on my own, but I also was attempting to climb my first Tough Mudder obstacle… on my own. I immediately felt the grey thoughts begin to play… “of course this course is made for teams, you silly little girl”… “Did you really think you could do this on your own? Look at everyone laughing at you!”

“Hey, did you need a boost?” I heard a low voice say from behind. “Yes, yes if you wouldn’t mind please.” I felt myself being lifted up over the wooden wall, a sense of relief flooding my energised brain, as it fought back the demons that felt they had the power over me. I turned around, said thank you, hovered to make sure no one needed the same help I received, and carried on jogging.