Conquering the Common Cold

IT'S OFFICIALLY COLD SEASON. There is nothing that I despise more than attracting a common cold - the annoyance of a continuous runny nose, the stuffy nose and heavy head, the sore throat that feels like sharp shards of glass and only gets worse when you sleep, not to mention the lack of energy or want to do anything... I don't think I know ONE SINGLE PERSON who likes a cold.

Having recently come down with the C WORD, I decided to use it as an experiment, to test out what works for easing up symtoms and potentially shortening the time-period that a cold usually lasts. To my surprise, my natural methods of recovery seemed to work. So in true blog style, I thought it might be useful to share with you guys!


This for me is potentially the most important way to minimise the time a cold lasts. I have been taking Vitamin C tablets daily since the last time I fell ill, as I knew my body would need the extra immune support in the colder season. Vitamin C supports the function of the immune system; although we can naturally absorb this from the food we eat, it can also help to integrate these supplements into your morning routine, for a little extra immune support when we need it most.

Hydration Is Key

Make sure to drink water, and drink enough water to meet the standard we should be drinking every day ( roughly 2.7 litres a day for women, and 3.7 litres a day for men). I read that drinking water not only helps to stay hydrated (when you're working with a fever and going from cold to very hot and sweaty, this is essential), it also helps to flush out the cold bug.