Do you love yourself?

When someone utters the words of ‘self love’, what do you think of? Can you happily say this is something you regard highly? Or does those two small words send shivers down your spine that gives way to a sense of uncomfortableness?

Surprisingly, I am the second. I know right, you would think that someone that loves all things health and wellness, would indeed love themselves… I am just as shocked as you are.

The truth is, self-love is one of the most toughest things to have for yourself - in a world that spins faster than a car wheel doing a doughnut at 120 mph, combined with the constant black-hole of social media and how ‘perfect’ other people’s lives seem compared to our own, not to mention society’s call to always ‘be the best’ at our jobs, our lifestyles and our personal lives, it’s tricky to remember to love ourselves, just as we are. When we are constantly bombarded with 'you're not good enough', it can be tough to remind ourselves that we are, and that we indeed do love ourselves.

Self love, as described by Positive Psychology, is a state of appreciation for oneself that grows from actions that support our physical, psychological, and spiritual growth. It is essentially offering a voice of love to the crazy and sometimes negative thoughts we tell ourselve