Top Of The Tops with Oulowear

Updated: Aug 9

Ladies, we all know the reality of having a particular body part that can move around uncontrollably, can get in the way when we need to manoeuvre an elbow into a yoga pose, and can be quite painful to run with.

Boobs, I mean, breasts.

‘The girls’ are something that many a female has to deal with in yoga and just being plain active, particularly when it comes to moving and being upside down in a head stand.

I don’t know about you, but I HATE IT when I feel unsupported and un-secure; I ENVY girls who have no worries when it comes to irregular and unpredictable movement in this department, and I find that I constantly have to consider padding and support when it comes to activewear tops and sports bras. No cute, cotton triangle bras here I’m afraid!

After being a loyal Oulowear Ambassador, I felt that it was time to truly put some of the top styles to the test, particularly for women who I know are looking for slightly more support in the northern regions. I chose to test out a size S Aurore Top in black, a size S