Give your mind and body the Tender Loving Care it deserves.

Sometimes life gets just a little too much. We find ourselves finding any spare hour in the morning or evening just to catch up on what we’re behind on, our healthy eating stops happening so we can waste less time eating and more time ‘doing’, we stop exercising because we need the time back, and we feel frazzled during the day, but wired in the evening, with little sleep.

I’ve been there, and I think the majority of us have. When life feels too much, we forget to care for ourselves. However, there is a difference between self-care and tender loving care (TLC as we all know). Self-care is routine based, whereas TLC is a moment of consideration for ourselves, to create either a moment of calm or just slow down.

The downside of constantly feeling and being ‘frazzled’, is what it does to our mind and bodies. On a scientific basis, when we are in ‘go go go’ mode, our adrenaline levels are higher and we are working within the fight-or-flight state. Although a small amount of stress can be good for us, If we stay within this mode, we move more into an arena of chronic stress, which can dramatically shorten telomere length, causing cells to age and die prematurely.

Another downside of being in this chronic stress zone with no relaxation or switch-off, is a higher risk of getting sick once we do eventually return back to our rest-and-digest zone. When we are running of adrenaline and cortisol, our immune system is enhanced, meaning we are more resistant to picking up bugs or even the common cold. As soon as we come out of this adrenaline high, ou