Juicing with Joe from MeJuicer

I met the lovely Joe from MeJuicer on a cold rainy Friday night, with a glass of wine in one hand and a blanket in the other, sat on my doorstep at home, discussing health and wellbeing.

Okay, so it’s not as mysterious and ‘meet cute’ as I’m writing… I had dm’d Joe from a friend’s recommendation earlier that week, to order a number of Eros shots. That Friday night, a convertible Mazda turned up at my doorstep, and Joe came to my door.

We chatted about wellness, life, work pressures, health, juice, where Mejuicer started and why, and Joe happily watched me spill one Eros shot all over my front door steps whilst I tried to look ‘cool’ and give the shot a try then and there. The kindness of Joe also saw him share a bottle of his Apollo juice out of pure excitement for how amazing the carrot and ginger tasted together. Don’t worry, I demanded that I paid for the bottle later on.

After several months of now knowing Joe and seeing how much his cold pressed juice business has grown (and how amazing Joe is in general as well as how exquisite the products actually taste), I thought it was time to sit down with Joe and get to know him and MeJuicer a little more.