Move with Oulowear

Lockdown. Even the mention of THAT WORD sends shivers down my spine - remember that time period where we were finding ANY WAY to do exercise and doing all kinds of online classes just to move our bodies? Yep. I did it too. But in a turn of events, I discovered a love of yoga, and with it, the necessity to wear good yoga-wear. Enter Oulowear.

Samantha, owner of Oulowear, similarly found she had a lot of spare time on her hands during lockdown, and with that, came the birth of Oulowear. Developed with the awareness that high quality activewear doesn’t need to come with an over-expensive price tag and that yoga should be accessible to everyone, Oulowear is of the same quality as those huge activewear giants (one beginning with ‘L’ and one beginning with ’S’) but without the extra 00’s!

I can safely say that Samantha has hit the nail on the head perfectly. All products feel like actual butter, with the softest fabrics used, that actually fit the body - there is no slipping of waist bands, no sports top gathering where it shouldn’t gather, and all garments are actually comfortable. I tell no lie.

The Oulowear products can also be paired with normal day-to-day clothing pieces; heading out to the weekly food shop and just want to be comfortable? You can easily pair the Grace Super-High waisted leggings with a men’s white shirt, socks and trainers! Heading out to brunch with girlfriends? This is the perfect time to wear the Aria X Back Cami Top with jea