Nutrition And Your Wellness with Nutritionist Katie Suholeyster

I couldn’t have an interest in health and wellness, without paying attention to the food and drink I consume, and how important my diet is to feeling good inside and out.

The issue is, I don't know as much about nutrition to feel as if I can share knowledge around the subject; I only really know to eat colourful food to feel colourful (in some sense). So, I thought it was time to introduce nutrition into this site, and interview certified nutritionist Katie Suholeyster.

We discussed all things nutrition (how could we not), mental health, wellness, how to get the 'glow' and the importance of nutrition when it comes to feeling good.

I am also excited to tell you guys that Katie will be sharing with us two healthy, nutritious recipes per month that will help with the wellness glow both inside and out.

So, Katie, tell me, what made you want to get into wellness? Did you have a light-bulb moment or was it a series of events that made you look to the wellness world for guidance?

My wellness journey started almost 10 years ago.