Optimise Your Health and Wellbeing Through Autumn

WOW. That was a sudden switch of temperatures… did anyone else spot that? The sun is now rising at 7.30am and setting at 7pm, pavements are covered in golden leaves, and sadly, all my plants on my balcony are dying. It’s Autumn.

Maybe we got too complacent with the warm hues of summer, the morning light at 5am and how GOOD we felt, both inside and out. Now, it’s time to prep for what I call ‘hibernation season’, to maintain our health, wellbeing and selfceare to an optimum level, so we can move into the colder months as our best self possible.

I want to put a few pointers together to help with the sudden change of climate, that can hopefully maintain health and wellbeing at optimum levels, so that we don’t feel down and disheartened by the miraculous change of season.

Vitamins and Minerals

First and foremost is take your vitamins and minerals. Growing up in my early twenties, I had no idea on vitamins and minerals, why I should take vits and mins and what the actual benefit is. I thought my body just did what it needed to do all on its own!

Now, at t