To Croc or Not To Croc, that Is The Question

I'm just going to get this out of the way before we continue (dramatic pause). I do not like Crocs. I have never worn them, I will never wear them, and I simply do not understand them. I am not a Croc fan. But in the last few months, I have sensed a rise in Croc-esque discussions, and I simply don't understand it. SO, I feel it is my duty to explore this recent style catastrophe and try to understand why the world has become Croc obsessed.

Originally founded by Lyndon Hanson and George Boedecker in 2001 and developed by Croc as a boating shoe made using resin and manufactured with breathable holes within the shoe structure, this footwear is designed for the slippery deck and for any over-washing waves. Not for the highstreets of London.

However, as fashion goes, what can be described as 'ugly' has a way of being picked up by HUGE designers, often to turn the ugly into something spectacular, or to even push the boundaries of what is acceptable as 'style'... McQueen did it, and Christopher Kane in 2017 and Balenciaga in 2018 also achieved this (maybe not in the same way as McQueen did however), by featuring Crocs on the catwalk. In the last few years, some huge celebrities have taken a liking to these clog-esque resin footwear - Bieber and Pharrell in a banana yellow style, Ariana Grande with the white style combined with white sports socks... even Nicki Minaj in a bright pink pair with Jibbitz; Crocs are becoming THE STATEMENT SHOE of the 21st Century, and now, they ar