Vegetarian Breakfast Burrito Bananza

In an effort to mix-up my morning breakfast routine and to integrate more protein sources into my diet, this week I decided to cook myself a breakfast burrito.

I know, it seems a lot of work, and when it's a Monday morning, there seems to not be enough time to create this kind of bananza... it's a lot easier to just have a slice of toast and a cup of tea!

BUT, having recently come down with a common cold, I knew I had to start being more proactive at eating more nutritious food, to avoid coming down ill again... or at least for a few months.

Surprisingly, this takes a minimum of 5 minutes to cook; the same length of time it takes to make a frothy coffee!

You will need the following ingredients:

  • 2 x vegetarian sausages (I usually eat the Linda McCartney ones, as they cook so quickly!)

  • Coconut oil for cooking